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Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

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Editor-in-Chief: Rostyslav S. Stoika

Frequency of Publishing: Quarterly*
*In some cases, one joint issue (N 3–4) of the journal may be published at the end of year. In that case, the articles will appear for the preview on the journal’s website as soon as they have been accepted by the editorial board.

Official Registration: Certificate КВ № 12210-1001Р from 21.12.2006; included in the List of Scientific Professional Editions of Ukraine, Сategory B (091 – Biological sciences) in which the results of dissertations for obtaining the scientific degrees of Doctor of Sciences, Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy can be published according to the Resolution № 1643 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated by 28.12.2019.

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Біологічні студії / Studia Biologica publishes original research articles, review articles, brief reports, reports on technical advances, book reviews, comments on all areas of biological sciences (biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, environmental biology, genetics, medical biology, microbiology, physiology, zoology, agrobiology, etc.).

Languages: Ukrainian or English, with Abstracts in both Ukrainian and English.

Publication Fee: Publication in the journal Біологічні студії / Studia Biologica is free of charge!

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We accept manuscript submissions for Issue 1, Vol. 17 scheduled for publication in December 2023.
Please, pay attention to the changes in the requirements for Abstracts, Materials and Methods, and References.

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Vol 17, No 1 (2023)

Table of Contents

Experimental works

H. V. Yavorska, N. M. Vorobets, N. Y. Yavorska, R. V. Fafula
O. V. Tsymbalyuk, L. A. Hurskyi, T. L. Davydovska, I. S. Voiteshenko, Kh. V. Sholota, М. S. Kozolup, O. V. Savchenko, A. M. Naumenko, V. A. Skryshevsky
I. V. Brodyak, M. O. Chaban, A. A. Moroz, A. Z. Kucharska, N. O. Sybirna
B. I. Kotyk, R. Ya. Iskra, V. M. Merlavsky
S. M. Kovtun-Vodyanytska, I. V. Levchuk, O. V. Golubets, D. B. Rakhmetov
P. P. Pukhtaievych, K. P. Kukol, N. A. Vorobey, S. Ya. Kots
Yu. E. Kolupaev, B. E. Маkaova, T. O. Yastreb, N. I. Ryabchun, V. M. Tyshchenko, O. V. Barabolia, M. A. Shkliarevskyi


O. M. Demkiv, N. Ye. Stasyuk, G. Z. Gayda, А. E. Zakalskiy, N. M. Grynchyshyn, М. R. Hrytsyna, O. T. Novikevych, M. L. Zastryzhna, O. V. Semiion-Luchyshyn, M. V. Gonchar
Yu. R. Boretsky, I. Z. Hlozhyk, V. R. Hashchyshyn, R. I. Tymochko-Voloshyn, N. M. Paraniak, Kh. E. Shavel, M. V. Stefanyshyn, I. V. Verbin, V. A. Ivashchenko, G. Z. Gayda, M. V. Gonchar