V. L. Shevchyk, I. G. Olshanskyi, O. O. Senchylо

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30970/sbi.1201.536


Juncus dichotomus Elliott is a new alien species in the Transcarpathian region (Ukraine). Previously, we have shown this species only in Volyn and Zhytomyr regions. We found these species on the northeastern outskirts of the village Zaluzhzhya (Mukachevo distr., Transcarpathian region). Plants were depressed (stem height was about 5.0–10.0 sm, with 2–14 flowers in the inflorescence, but some plants do not have flo­wers, capsules were underdeveloped). Here describe the features of the habitat of J. dichotomus in Transcarpathia. Plants grew on drained parts of a pond. As local people feedeth a livestock on the banks of the pond, we assume that animals can bring seeds from nearby areas uncovered bank rate. Juncus dichotomus is similar to J. tenuis. These species differ from each other in shape of auricles, size of auricles, size of stamens, and size of seeds. Native range of J. dichotomus species is locared in America with areal from the USA to Argentina and Chile. Presently, this species is also distri­buted in Europe and Australia. We presented the map of J. dichotomus distribution in Ukraine.

Keywords: Juncus dichotomus, Juncaceae, alien species, Transcarpathia, Ukraine


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