V. O. Nachychko, Yu. G. Gamulya

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30970/sbi.1301.581


The paper presents the results of revision and arrangement of the Thymus L. (Lamiaceae Martinov) genus collection in the assets of herbarium of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (CWU). At critical study of herbarium specimens and protologues a number of type and original specimens of 15 taxa which were revealed and proposed by Thymus monographs M.V. Klokov and N.O. Desjatova-Shostenko: Thymus armeniacus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. borysthenicus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. daghe­stanicus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. dimorphus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. dimorphus [without rank] steppaceus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. dimorphus Klokov & Des.-Shost. ´ Th. marschallianus Willd., Th. dubjanskyi Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. eltonicus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. kirgisorum var. creticola Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. migricus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. mugodzharicus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. pseudograniticus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. pulegioides subsp. ucrainicus Klokov & Des.-Shost., Th. tschernjajevii Klokov & Des.-Shost., and Th. ziaratinus Klokov & Des.-Shost. At present, this material includes one lectotype, two isolectotypes, 40 syntypes, 16 isosyntypes, five paratypes, three isoparatypes, and two original specimens. In the provided annotated list of type and original specimens, each taxon is presented with an indication of its Latin name with nomenclatural citation, main synonyms, basic taxonomic literature, information from protologue, nomenclatural type and place of its storage, as well as critical notes on previous typifications and/or individual specimens.


Thymus, herbarium CWU, original material, nomenclatural type, protologue


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