V. N. Trokhymets

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30970/sbi.1002.496


The results of current state of species diversity and seasonal dynamics of littoral zooplankton community structures in Bakshalynske reservoir are presented. New approaches are applied to establish the monitoring stations, and the state of m­e­thods of sampling are used in regard to the type and size of the studied artificial waterbodies. The modern trend of formation of the littoral zooplankton species diversity, all species registered for the first time in Bakshalynske reservoir. The analysis of faunal and ecological spectra littoral zooplankton, its biotopical and spatial distributions are presented. The most important grouping of species diversity in freshwater zooplankton was disco­vered. The results of analysis of seasonal dynamics of littoral zooplankton communities in the spring, summer and autumn in 2010 are shown. Seasonal changes in species diversity, faunal and ecological spectra biotopical and spatial distributions of quantitative indicators (density and biomass) littoral zooplankton were analyzed. The composition complex littoral zooplankton dominant in quantitative terms was also studied. It was found that its community included 11 species, 4 species of rotifers, 5 species of cladocera crustaceans and 2 types of copepods crustaceans.

Keywords: littoral zooplankton, Bakshalynske reservoir, Ukraine.

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