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Data about lichen biota of the Rusova beam (Velykooleksandrivka district, Kherson region) are given. The list of taxa include 96 species of lichens and 8 species of licheni­colous fungi. Among them, Blastenia hungarica (H. Magn.) Arup, Søchting & Frödén was collected on the Pinus bark and Placynthium lismorense (Cromb.) Vain. growing on the moist surface of limestone are new for the plains part of Ukraine. Three species of the lichens (Cetraria aculeata (Schreb.) Fr. (=C. steppae (Savicz) Kärnefelt), Scytinium schraderi (Ach.) Otálora, PM Jørg. & Wedin, Xanthoparmelia camtschadalis (Ach.) Hale) are listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine, and seven species (Anaptychia ciliaris (L.) Körb., Bacidia bagliettoana (A.Massal. & De Not.) Jatta, Caloplaca stillicidiorum (Vahl) Lynge, Flavoparmelia caperata (L.) Hale, Placidiopsis cinerascens (Nyl.) O.Breuss, Usnea hirta (L.) Weber ex F.H.Wigg. and Xanthoparmelia pokornyi (Körb.) O.Blanco, A.Crespo, Elix, D. Hawksw. & Lumbsch) are listed in the Red List of Kherson region.

Keywords: Blastenia hungarica, Placynthium lismorense, limestone, Ukraine, rare species, Red Data Book.


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