Biol. Stud. 2010: 4(1); 115–122 • DOI:


S. V. Izmestieva, A. V. Odintsova


Comparative morphology and vascularisation of the gynoecium in Stratiotes aloides and Hydrocharis morsus-ranae hare been studied. The gynoecium is syncarpous, with synascidiate, symplicate, hemisymplicate and asymplicate zones, first three zones are fertile. In Hydrocharis, the highest zone in the ovary is symplicate zone, in Stratiotes – hemisymplicate zone. Placentation is laminar in Hydrocharis and laminar two-rowed and parietal in Stratiotes. Style-like part of the pistil is composed of fused (Hydrocharis) or partially fused (Stratiotes) carpels. Elongated carpel margins in the  hemisymplicate zone of the gynoecium can provide a compitum existence.

Keywords: Stratiotes aloides, Hydrocharis morsus-ranae, morphology, gynoe­cium, structural zones, placentation, compitum.


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