O. Dolaychuk, R. Fedoruk



Studied of macro- and microstructure of kidney, liver and spleen of female and male rats did not show significant deviations from such structures of the control group. It has been found that structure of spleen follicles of female and male control groups of rat is better expressed comparing to those whose diet included soybean. The animals whose diet included both conventional and transgenic soybean were found to have a slight increase of Bowman’s capsule in kidney tissues enabled by glomerulus reduction that is apparently due to the effect of both soybean varieties of biologically active components on water-salt metabolism in animals. Considering that the internal structure was preserved and conformed with the norms for animals of given species and age in both control and experimental female and male rat groups, a conclusion on the absence of significant negative or positive effect of GM soybean components on the histological structure of liver, spleen and kidneys can be proposed.


genetically modified soybean, histology of internals, liver, spleen, kidney

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