N. O. Shurko, M. I. Voroniak, T. V. Danysh

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30970/sbi.0801.330


To correct factor deficiency or prevent bleeding in patients with hemophilia A, the replacement therapy is carried out. This therapy involves administrating plasma or recombinant preparations of factor VIII. A variety of plasma- and recombinant-derived factor preparations are used for haemophilia treatment in Ukraine. Depending on purification level, the following types of plasma-derived concentrates are defined: intermediate purity products obtained through classic techniques of precipitation/adsorption, and high-purity concentrates purified through ion exchange or affinity chromatography. Since the late 1980s, recombinant factor drugs were brought into use in medical practice. They are synthesised by a genetically engineered Chinese hamster ovary cell line or baby hamster kidney. Recombinant factors are classified in generations according to the additional content of impurity human or animal proteins in a final product. The article provides an analysis of the main plasma-derived and recombinant factor VIII preparations registered in Ukraine. Basic properties, methods of preparation and methods of viral inactivation are described. The advantages and disadvantages of plasma-derived and recombinant products are generalized.


blood coagulation, plasma and recombinant concentrate of factor VIII, chromatography, viral safety


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