AffeCt of moNo- ANd multiCompoNeNt sperm dilueNts oN Ca2+, K+, Na+ homeostAsis of opeN sYstems

H. Maksymjuk


We studied changes of alkali metal ions homeostasis using the values of their concentrations and ratio in the open systems such as «environment-cell» at the stages of sperm cryopreservation method by granules. It was found that cryopreservation, namely, physical and chemical properties of different cryoprotectants and multicomponent protective environments affect the macroelements transport in sperm differently. Adaptive response of not diluted and diluted sperm is represented with a symport and antiport ways of the ions motion. After dilution, equilibration and reactivation of sperm the changes in ion homeostasis are expressed in different absolute and relative concentrations, content and their ratio.

Keywords: native and cryopreserved sperm, sperm, sperm diluent, concentration, ratio, motion and homeostasis of Ca2+, K+, Na+.

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