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The Soviet system for training scientific and pedagogical workers at special postgraduate course was introduced at Lviv State University as a part of its Sovietization. The first group of postgraduates was accepted in the fall–winter of 1940–1941. At that time, four people were taken to postgraduate course of Faculty of History, and two of them (Valentyna Lelyukh and Olexander Kulikov) were enrolled in Department of History of Ukraine. Their official postgraduate courses began on February 1, 1941, and ended on January 31, 1944. Anton Krylenko joined the postgraduates at Department of History of Ukraine in the middle of February, 1941. He was enrolled as a postgraduate student in the second year of study, because he had already studied at postgraduate course in Kyiv. The well-known Ukrainian scientist professor Ivan Krypiakevych was appointed as the official head of these postgraduates at Department of History of Ukraine.
As a result of a detailed study of the biographies of these postgraduate students of Lviv University, it was found that they were all from the eastern regions of Ukraine, they only recently had arrived in Lviv and had been the members of the VKP (b) (All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)). They did
not have any more scientific experience, nor any publications, they did not know foreign languages,
however, which they were important for the Soviet leadership. This allows to talk about a special selection of postgraduates in the Department of History of Ukraine, especially in comparison with other Departments of the University.
Krypiakevych began the work with his postgraduates in late January, 1941. He conducted individual consultations and compiled the lists of necessary literature but at the same time, I. Krypiakevych adapted his work with postgraduates to the official Soviet demands on education.
The postgraduate courses at Lviv University were restored after the war. In December, 1945 Nina Tsymbal and Volodymyr Borys were recommended to enroll in the postgraduate study at Department of History of Ukraine. Prof. I.Krypiakevych was again appointed as their scientific tutor. After some time, Borys was moved to postgraduate study at another Department, and only Tsymbal remained under the direction of Krypiakevych. In the next academic year, another graduate of Faculty of History, Vasyl Inkin began his post-graduate course at Department of History of Ukraine. In October, 1947 Olga Omelchuk, which has been a graduate of the Lviv State Pedagogical Institute, became postgraduate too. In November, 1947 Krypiakevych was officially dismissed from the University. After some time, a new supervisor was appointed for these postgraduates.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30970/fhi.2020.21.3100


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