Sport Related Social Movements: Specifi cation and Classifi cation

S. Baranova, O. Kovtun


In this article, sport related social movements are considered as a special kind of social movements, forming and functioning of which are directly connected to sport culture, sport teams and events and that also are established through what is listed. On the one hand, they are arised as a product of the civil society, and, on the other hand, as a standpoint for its further development in terms of democratization process. The sport related social movements are considered from the prospective of the «new social movements» approach that, according to the author, the most clearly refl ects their specifi city. They are presented as collective actors of social changes. Particular attention is paid to the importance of the networking group identity in this context. The author also clarifi es the characteristics of the sport related social movements as a form of new social movements, and also provides a number of principles through which the self-organizational potential is disclosed. In the modern society, a wide variety of the sport related social movements creates differences between them. This is what gives an opportunity for their detailed classifi cation by different criteria, which are based on differences in their values, goals and ways of achievement, nature of activities, forms of collective behavior, relations with the political system, measures etc. It should be noted that due to the high dynamic and rolling composition of the sport related social movements’ borders within the classifi cations can be stretched.

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