Historical past, historical memory, the fi ght symbols: new challenges for historical sociology

V. Perzhun


The article deals with issues of the past, its evaluation and attitude to it in terms of sociological thinking, historical memory and its place and role in the fi ght characters in Ukrainian society. Historical and sociological analysis values of the past, historical memory and historical consciousness, fi ghting symbols are not only purely scientifi c in nature, but also practical, because these processes affect the progress of Ukraine to the civilized world. Also disclosed questions of origin and formation of historical sociology as a separate branch of sociological knowledge. The issue is open for discussion, as sociological thought is in progress of development and is updated with new ideas and directions. Historical sociology has the right to exist as an autonomous branch within the sociology of knowledge, because it examines the characteristics of social and historical processes of transformation of systems and ideologies that infl uence social and historical development of mankind. For Ukrainian historical sociology the subject of «awakening the nation», «revival of the historical memory», establishing an effective civil society and the formation of united political nation are very relevant today.

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