Logarithmic derevative and angular density of zeros for the Blaschke product

Mykola Zabolotskyi, Yuriy Gal, Mariana Mostova


Let z0=1 be the only boundary point of zeros an of the Blaschke product B(z),

Γm=j=1mz: z<1, arg(1-z)=θj=j=1mIθj,
be a finite system of rays, 0<ς<1. We found asymptotics of the logarithmic derivative of B(z) as z=1-re-iφ1-π2<φ<π2, under the condition of existing the angular density of its zeros related to the comparison function 1-r-ρ, 0<ρ<1. We also considered the inverse problem for B(Z), whose zeros lie on Γm.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30970/vmm.2021.91.054-062


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